Lingzhi mushroom

                    The scientific name “Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst” is in GANODERMATACEAE specie. Lingzhi mushroom is also known as 10,000 years or immortal mushroom. This mushroom is difficult to find and has lots of benefits as a Chinese herb for over 2,000 years (Chinese traditional medicine). It has been used since the period of the Qin Shi Huang Emperor and was commended as super mushroom and the best Chinese herbal mushroom. The information was also documented in “Shennong Campy Cao” (the most ancient texts of China), which said the Lingzhi mushroom is God of Life and very powerful. Scientists have found that there are over 250 kinds of substances in the mushroom that benefit health, and that it is a good medicine to prolong life span.

                   Lingzhi mushroom is a living creature in the fungi group that has no chlorophyll; hence it cannot produce food from sunlight like other plants. It consumes dead plants such as timber for sustenance by using gastric juice to digest the food and absorbing it into its cells.



The beneficial active ingredients are listed as follows

                   Lingzhi mushroom is a powerful herbal medicine as it can improve immunity against cancer, relieve pain, nurture the nervous system, reduce hyperglycemia, and reduce blood fat and inflammation.

Bitter triterpenoids (Liver)

                   It is used to cure allergies, high blood pressure, nurture the liver, and slow down the growth of cancer and poison in the liver. It has been patented.
Ganodosterone is capable of stimulating liver function (Liver function stimulant)

Ergosterol (Bones and Teeth)

                   It strengthens the bones and teeth, as well as prevents and cures bone related symptoms especially for the elderly.

Nucleotide (Heart)

                   It can cure heart disease and prevent clogs from blood clots. The beneficial substances for effects of curing are Adenosinne, Gaunosine, and Alkaloids.

Germanium, Gc contents (Detox)

                   It is an element that promotes the body function and helps detoxify the body. It is also used with modern medicine for the detox process.

Ganoderans A, B, C and Beta-D-Glucan (Improve Immune System)

                   It can prevent against cancer and promote inotropic effects to heart muscles for improving the body’s immune system. It can help reduce hypoglycemia, prevent herpes, shingles and HIV. In addition, it reduces side effects caused by chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Dong Chong Cao

                   Dong Chong Cao is a type of mushroom which will turn into a worm in winter, and this worm will transform to grass in summer. This is the reason why it is called “Worm in winter, grass in summer”. Thai people usually call it “worm grass”. It grows in grassy plateaus 3,000 – 5,000 meters above sea level, usually found in Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Ganzu.

                   Dong Chong Cao consist of 2 parts which are caterpillar body, scientifically called Hepialus armoricanus Oberthiir and mushroom on its body called Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.). This type of worm stays under the snow mountain in winter. When the snow melts, spurs will fall to the ground.

                   The worm will eat the spurs and the spurs will become threads in summer, by consuming nutrients from the worm’s body. The thread will grow from the worm’s stomach and mouth to receive sunlight, resembling timber. The worm’s body will die and become Dong Chong Cao which contains lots of benefits to the body.

Important benefits

- Improve the operation of liver, helps relieve nephritis, kidney stone and improves the immune system in kidney disease patients
- Improve sexual performance and strengthen the body
- Slow down ageing and nurture the body, as well as slow down cell ageing in the body
- Relieve and cure allergies, as well as balance the body
- In case of infertility, Dong Chong Cao will help produce more sperm and marrow
- Improve the operation of lungs and windpipe
- Relieve and cure prostrate disease
- Relieve and cure debility
- Balance the blood pressure in the body
- Promote adrenal hormones production, which is an important hormone for the body