“Altong” Distribution Plan

Dealer Plan Drop shopping


Drop shopping Advantages

           The distributor does not have to invest in product stocking, thus no risk. The distributor will receive product description and pictures according to the company’s policy and regulations.
The distributor does not have to operate anything. The delivery process will be done by the company.


           If the customer needs more information about the product, it is difficult to answer because the distributor never sees or uses the product. The distributor will need to contact the company for more information.
Stock checking process is tedious because the distributor has to contact the company.

Distributors Recruitment Content

           Distributors recruitment in Drop shopping system is suitable for sellers and those who have communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, or personal website) and would like to earn more, acquire more products for the shop, become a distributor without stocking the product or handling the delivery process. The product information will be continuously updated. The recruitment is now open for free without any cost.


Read the following details before the registration!!
Altong Drop shopping distributor details

1. After the registration process, the company will send the product information and price via email or other applicable channels.
2. Once becoming a distributor, the product will be sold at distributor’s rate which is cheaper.
3. Place the order on the website and transfer the product cost at distributor’s rate. Write down name and address of the customer. The company will pay for the delivery fees.
4. The distributor may copy product information from the website.
5. The product must be sold from 2,300 – 2,500 baht only, even during promotion sales. The company does not allow to sell the product at lower or higher price. If any violations are found, the company will ban the distributor forever.
6. Products will be sent if they are in stock. However, the company will inform in case there is no product in stock.
7. Delivery is done every day per post office working days.
8. The distributor is allowed to sell the products on any channel such as Facebook, personal website, or other channels by copying the product information, contents, and reviews from website or official fan-page.
9. There is no minimum order; even an order of a jar is accepted at distributor’s price.
10. The company directly delivers the product to the distributor’s customer by writing distributor’s name or shop name as the sender as if the distributor is the actual sender.

- Specify name and address of the customer (distributor’s customer) and inform the distributor’s identification number
- The company contacts the customer for product delivery
- The company provides consultancy on product usage and instructions
- Save time and the product is delivered in a short time
- Save time to deliver the product and the distributor does not have to pay delivery fees
- Save delivery and packaging fees
- Profits!! Save time, less effort, no cost, and convenient


Steps for applying to be a distributor
1. Apply on the website www.tong-ruk.com/member/register. “Login” to update personal information and address.
2. Request to be distributor via Line ID : @altong or Inbox on Facebook. The administrator will request for identity verification (Picture of National ID Card).
3. The administrator will provide the product information, rates and distributor’s identification number via E-mail or other applicable channels.