Altong Ling Zhi and Dong Chong Cao CDC Dietary Supplement Product (1 box 10 capsule)


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(Extracted essence from Ling Zhi and Dong Chong Cao)


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Dong Chong Cao is a Chinese herb with many health benefits. It is a great product for health and one of
the vital treatments that helped Chinese medicine gain popularity. Each herb is full of benefits for health,
especially Chong Cao which is known as a great herb. Chong Cao is expensive and has a strange look but
is full of health benefits and can enhance sexual performance. Thus, this document will give more details
about this herb as it also helps nurture kidney and heart, maintain body balance, prevent cancer and
cure many diseases.
Dong Chong Cao is a fungi plant in Ophiocordyceps, which is scientifically called Ophiocordyceps sinensis
and typically known as worm grass. It is called worm grass because it grows when worms (butterfly,
weevil, grasshopper, beetle bat) dig and stay in the ground during winter and gradually becoming fungus
called Sclerotea. When summer comes, thread in the dead worms will cover its body resembling baton
and grow as grass. Chong Cao consists of 2 parts which are worm body and mushroom that grows on its
head called Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Saec. The taste of Chong Cao is bitter and a little sweet. It can be
eaten raw or boiled. The types of Chong Cao that are popular in Thailand are Chong Cao and Cordyceps
which are in the same category and possess similar benefits.


Premium herbal extract A++
The great herb of the world is here - Ling Zhi and Dong Chong Cao
Great extraction quality, high standard, safe 100%
***Guaranteed high benefits***
- Reduce hyperglycemia and diabetes
- Nurture brain and nervous system, relieve fatigue and feeling cold
- Nurture heart functions and relieve heart disease
- Improve immune system and prevent cancer
- Increase blood oxygen and pressure
- Maintain and balance blood pressure
- Promote hormones
- Promote sexual performance in case of infertility
- Nurture windpipe
- Nurture respiratory tract and lungs
- Improve immune system for kidney injury
- Relieve waist and back pain
- Improve sleeping quality
(Extract from Ling Zhi and Dong Chong Cao)
*Altong Brand*
CDC Capsule 1 box contains 10 capsules
Ingredients in 1 capsule
Each capsule provides:
Dong Chong Cao extract...................50 mg
(Cordyceps extract)
Ling Zhi extract.................50 mg
(Ganoderma lucidum extract)
FDA no.: 24-2-01350-1-0069